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Share tasks with Wunderlist

Wunderlist is an application that allows you to manage a list of pending tasks to remember or share with other users. The idea is that from a PC with Windows you can synchronize information with mobile devices, either with Android or iOS, so that you can add information from the phone or from the computer.

Share tasks with Wunderlist

Wunderlist can be useful for work or study teams, whether to add pending tasks, meeting or exam reminders, documentation (you can attach PDF documents, photos and other multimedia files) and other elements that serve to keep organized and synchronized to the group of people that integrate the project.

The utility that can be given to this software is not simply reduced to a work team, but it can be used to manage other types of activities: For example, a shopping list for the supermarket that can be shared at the family level. Another practical example could be the organization of a trip, where the participants can schedule visits and events, using maps and notes.

This program can be used simply as an agenda, either to set birthday reminders, due date dates, series and movies to schedule or for any other type of event. Any entry that is added to Wunderlist can be seen by other users who are sent an invitation to share, and each of these invited members will be able to observe, add comments or any other content.

This manager organizes the information in folders. It has a folder of favorites, of pending tasks assigned to the user, also ordered by dates and allows to add new folders to better organize events and tasks.

Extensions are available for browsers Google Chrome (both for PC and Android) and Safari (for iPhone and iPad), which allow you to add bookmarks directly to the application, and then associate it with some created entry.

Wunderlist 3.8.9 is the latest version available for Windows, there are also editions for the mobile platforms already mentioned and also for Mac OS X. The free version, although it has some limitations in terms of the number of people with whom you can share the lists or with the maximum size of the files that are uploaded (5 MB), you can take advantage of all its functionalities and test it indefinitely. If it is required for a more demanding use, it will be possible to evaluate paying a small monthly subscription.

The application has been acquired by Microsoft, who has changed the name to To-Do, but at the moment you can continue using both editions.

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