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Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2012

Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2012

Windows Live Movie Maker is a program that allows you to create movies and presentations from photos and videos. Ideal for creating family albums with photos or videos of friends, and putting together a DVD.

The application has a conversion tool so that, in case of having photos or videos in different formats, they can be unified and converted into a single movie.

The AutoMovie tool allows you to add a title, text, effects and organize transitions between photos.

With WLMM it is also possible to add music to presentations as well as zooming effects ( zooming in and out to simulate panning).

Once the video or presentation is obtained, the application allows, through another tool, to publish the video on YouTube, Facebook or similar Internet sites. Also, using some other software will be able to put together a DVD with the film obtained.

Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 (16.4.3505.912) is the latest version of this publisher that can be downloaded for free.

Works with Windows Vista and Windows 7. In Windows XP some tools do not work, so it is not recommended to install it if you have that operating system, but you can download the previous version, Windows Movie Maker.

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