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Download Tricky Truck

Download Tricky Truck

Tricky Truck is a game that consists of driving a truck, having to arrive at the destination in the best possible time and with the load in good conditions, after crossing different routes and scenarios with numerous obstacles.

Tricky Truck graphics are simple, but the game can be fun. It presents several levels with circuits and missions; But the novelty of this application is the editor that has integrated, which allows you to create new levels. It is possible to download levels created by other users or upload your own. In the official site you can see a video tutorial to learn how to use the editor, where you can see how you can easily put together a new route

Features 2 modes: easy with a third person view from outside the truck, and a hard mode with a first person view from inside the truck cab.

Tricky Truck 2.22 is the latest version, updated in December 2011, of this truck management simulator that can be downloaded free for Windows. It is portable therefore does not require installation. We recommend 2Gz CPU and 2GB of RAM.

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