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Download TCP Optimizer

Download TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is a program that optimizes and accelerates Internet connection.

The application modifies parameters related to the TCP / IP network protocol (MTU, RWIN, QoS and ToS / Diffserv) in the Windows registry, using advanced algorithms, in order to achieve the best data transfer rate. Modifications can be made manually, but it is advisable to let the program find the best possible configuration by selecting the option " Optimal Settings".

Some values ​​must be entered, such as the maximum bandwidth assigned to the ADSL connection or the one that is available (for example, if 1MB of download is available, the value 1024 must be selected), also if it is connected via a card Of network or pci card (if WiFI is used), and in case of having ADSL the PPPoE option must be marked. The documentation of the application can be consulted on the official website.

TCP Optimizer creates a backup of the configuration, so you can return to it in case the speed has not been improved. To do this, select "Backup current settings" from the File menu.

In the "Advanced Settings" tab there are more options to optimize other aspects, such as: Internet Explorer settings, to load pages faster, if that web browser is used.

SG TCP Optimizer 3.0.8 is the latest version available (updated September 2011), which works on all versions of Windows, and you can download free. No installation required.

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