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Download SkipScreen 0.6.3

Download SkipScreen 0.6.3

SkipScreen is an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that can be used during the process of downloading files from sites such as Rapidshare, avoiding the wait imposed by the providers of these services when a premium account is not available.

The direct download sites supported are: Rapidshare, Mediafire,, zShare, Sharebee, Depositfiles, Sendspace, Divshare, Linkbucks, Link-Protector, and more.

It is common to make downloads through any of the mentioned services, and that a countdown is displayed in seconds before the download occurs. This is tedious many times and for users of browsers Firefox and Chrome, with this plugin can be avoided automatically.

For some of the file storage services mentioned, this application also supports anti-Captcha, which makes it possible to download several files listed, without having to interrupt the process by having to enter the text that is seen in the captcha.

SkipScreen 0.7.0 is the latest version, updated in January 2012, of this add-on for browsers that can be downloaded and installed free on Windows and other operating systems.

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