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Download Simple Sudoku

Download Simple Sudoku
Simple Sudoku is a very popular game of ingenuity that consists in filling in the empty cells of a table composed by 9 squares (you can extend this amount) that in turn are composed by 9 cells (3 x 3), in such a way Do not repeat digits within those squares or in each row and each column of the table.

The application randomly generates the different problems to solve, which have a unique solution. There are five levels of difficulty, and includes help tools for beginners who want to learn Sudoku; For example, all candidates are shown in each cell, and once a digit is entered in one of them, all candidates for the rest of the cells are updated. It also adds highlighted filters with colors to see the board more clearly.

Simple Sudoku 4.2n is the latest version, which is available for Windows, in Spanish, and can be downloaded for free (for personal use).

On the author's website there is more help to understand this game in case of being a newbie. If the user has already solved Sudokus as a hobby, this program will serve to solve it from the PC or to print new challenges and solve them in pencil on a sheet (if you choose to solve it in the PC, besides the tracks, Option to undo income easily).

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