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Download PicBlock

Download PicBlock

PicBlock is a program that blocks content intended for adults, so they do not see each other while browsing the Internet.

PicBlock has a tool that detects photos that are inappropriate for children and blocks them. Each photo locked on a page is replaced by the same pixelated photo so it can not be distinguished.

It also parses the web text to determine if access is blocked and entered into a blacklist. It has a database of keywords in several languages ​​(Spanish, English, Russian, Japanese and several more).

You can add a web to a white list so that its content is not analyzed and access is always provided.

To make changes to the configuration of the program, a password is requested and entered after installation. This is to prevent others from disabling and circumventing the filters. It is always possible to run it in the background so that it is not noticed.

PicBlock 4.2.4 is the last version, updated in October 2011, of this program of protection of minors that can be downloaded for free. You need to register before you start downloading the application.

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