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Download Photoshop SpeedUp

Download Photoshop SpeedUp

Photoshop SpeedUp is a program that improves the loading speed of Photoshop. This is the most popular design tool, but it has the disadvantage of consuming a lot of memory and processor, and in the case of working with not very powerful equipment can not noticeably load their load.

To speed up the load, this application disables functions, plugins, presets and fonts that in principle may not be useful to the user. You must select those items that you want to remove from the execution list at application startup.

In the event that the user selects to disable some function or element that then determines that it is going to be necessary, with just one click, the original software configuration can be restored.

Photoshop SpeedUp also allows you to regulate and optimize the memory used by Adobe Photosop.

Photoshop SpeedUp 3.00 is the latest version of this application that can be downloaded for free. Supports from version 3 to Adobe Photoshop CS5. It is available in several languages, including Spanish. Works for all versions of Windows.

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