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Download Navicat database manager

Download Navicat database manager
Navicat is a relational database manager, which supports several engines, including: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite and PostgreSQL. It allows connect to multiple remote or local bases, simultaneously.

From the administrator it is possible to create databases, create tables, delete tables, and make all sorts of queries to the databases. Once the data are obtained, they can be displayed on a grid, and can be sorted or filtered as appropriate.

Navicat has a visual SQL query builder that simplifies the writing of the same, since it has all the tables defined for a given base, and reaches with selecting the attributes of those who want to get data, and those who participate in The JOIN (in the case of a SELECT operation). It also has a query editor, to define the queries directly, or to complete the syntax of queries made from the graphical constructor, adding conditions (WHERE).

The Lite version allows you to import data from text files in TXT, CSV and XML format, while the Premium version offers more options as it also supports import from Excel and Access programs, as well as export data to those same Office applications and also Such as HTML pages.

Another advantage of the Premium version is the ability to generate reports (via a guide or wizard) in various formats (PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.), with the data obtained after a query to a database.

Navicat Lite 10.0.7 is the latest version available, with support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In this version has been removed support for the free version Lite, being only available the Premium version, which offers a period of 30 days For evaluation.

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