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Download MyCam

Download MyCam
E2eSoft MyCam is a program to capture video from a webcam. It is capable of recording the webcam sessions as video in AVI or MJPEG output format; Or to extract only the sound, in MP3 format.

In addition to video, the application allows you to capture images of what is transmitted via the webcam, in JPG format.

MyCam is a simple application, which correctly fulfills the capture functions mentioned; But that does not add effects or many possibilities of configuration or editing of the generated catches. If you are looking for more complete software, but at the same time more complex you can use Debut Video Capture, HyperCam, or ManyCam, all available in descargarsoft . If you are looking for something simple, to detect the transmission devices directly and do not have to configure almost anything, then MyCam is a good choice.

This application is easy to use; You can select the output format, the video quality (best, high, medium, low) and the folder where the photos or videos captured from the webcam are stored. To take an image capture, click on the icon inside the menu that represents a camera, and in case you want a video capture, click on the "Record" button.

Below the main window there is a gallery with the shortcuts to the history of contents that were captured, to reproduce within the same interface.

MyCam 1.1 is the latest version available for Windows (2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7). It is portable (no installation required), lightweight (consumes scarce memory and CPU resources), and is free.

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