Friday, 7 July 2017

Download Mario Forever

Download Mario Forever

Mario Forever is based on the saga of Super Mario Bros game. It is a recreation very well achieved, which maintains the graphics, music, action and idea of ​​the original game; But that is not an exact copy like those achieved by emulators, but adds new elements and variants.

Mario will be able to advance the successive challenges, increasing of levels and going through different worlds, with the objective to rescue to the princess Peach of the hands of Bowser; And for that it must cross underground mines, mazes, pipes, castles, go underwater, and many more scenarios. You must collect coins and dodge enemies like carnivorous plants, turtles or Goombas.

The program includes a tool called Mario Worker, which allows you to edit game levels.

The default controls are the arrows, with which you can direct Mario. Use the Z key to skip; With the X fire is fired; If you hold the X tight you can run. These controls can be edited.

Mario Forever 5.9 is the latest version (updated in December 2011) of this game that you can download and play for free. Works with all versions of Windows.

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