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Download KeyTweak

Download KeyTweak

KeyTweak is a program that allows you to redefine the keyboard, with the fundamental objective of changing the language. For example, if you have the keyboard in English, you can change the corresponding symbols to adapt it to the Spanish keyboard, in addition to adding the letter "ñ" (eñe).

KeyTweak can also be useful for changing the order of keys that are frequently used, such as "Av Pag", "Re pag", "Start", "End", etc., to make them more comfortable, or because the user was Accustomed to another distribution used previously in another keyboard.

The application allows you to map a key combination to a single keystroke. For example when using a symbol that requires Alt + num, it can be assigned to some other individual key. You can also define letters with accent marks (accents) in another key, and many more possibilities. There are some restrictions, such as that you can not replace the combination Ctrl + Alt + Del or that you can not use the Fn keys on some laptops.

To facilitate its use, the application has an interface in which a virtual keyboard is displayed . After making the changes you must restart the system for them to take effect.

To know more details about the operation of this tool is included in the tool a complete tutorial to know details and learn how to configure this application.

KeyTweak 2.3.01 is the latest version, available for Windows XP, 2000, Vista and 7. It can free download.

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