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Download jKiwi

Download jKiwi

JKiwi is a program of hairdressing and virtual makeup, which allows you to simulate different cuts, colors, shadows, etc., on a face, with the aim of finding the most appropriate look or style.

First, choose a photo with the face of the person (man or woman) you want to analyze, and then adjust it to the size required by the application. It is convenient to select a photo in which the face is uncovered, preferably with the hair collected.

To test a hairstyle it is possible to select between several options of cuts and styles, and to change the hair color. You can also try different make-up options (blush, shadows, etc.), lip color, and even colored contact lenses.

At the end of the test of change of look done, you can compare the before and after, and you can save the image obtained. Therefore, it can serve not only to experience changes, but also to improve photos (in the style of photoshop).

JKiwi 0.9.5 is the latest version, which is available for free download and use with Windows and other operating systems.

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