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Download Hydrogen

Download Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a sequencer and music generator that allows you to compose and reproduce sounds from different percussion instruments, such as a battery. The idea is to program patterns made up of a set of measures that reproduce in a cyclic way (loops).

The interface of this drum machine (drum machine) is very attractive and it is intuitive, which facilitates learning of it to begin sequencing and mixing patterns. Contains 3 modules: Song Editor, Pattern Editor and Mixer. There is a manual (in English) in the official page, to consult.

In the first place a pattern is created to which instruments are added (in a timeline). You can add an unlimited set of instruments handled independently by layers, and define tempo, tone, volume, etc. each.

Once all the patterns have been created, it is passed to the song editor to create the sequence and then the mixing is done. It will be able to reproduce the track and in case of being satisfied with the same it will be able to save or export.

Hydrogen allows importing tracks of formats such as WAV, AIFF and AU, and supports tracks in compressed format FLAC. It also allows exporting patterns to WAV or MIDI.

Hydrogen 0.9.6 is the latest version of this battery simulator software that you can download free of charge. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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