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Download HxD hex editor

Download HxD hex editor

HxD is a hex editor capable of supporting very large files (of several GB) that can be useful to access the data stored in the RAM, since they are represented precisely in hexadecimal format.

The data of RAM or some controller can be opened and manipulated as if it were a text editor, with the possibility to search for data and modify them. As an example, you could modify values ​​loaded in memory, related to some game in execution (what is known in English as "game cheat").

Another use that can be assigned to this software is to repair damaged disk structures. Obviously it is not trivial and it would have to be operated by specialized computer technicians. It can be applied to any type of disk: hard disks, USB sticks, CDs, etc.

When a file is opened, the different hexadecimal values ​​are displayed on the screen, and to the right the representation in ASCII, ANSI, OEM or EBCDIC. It is possible to do text searches on the right side, and each text replacement is to be reflected in its corresponding hexadecimal representation. Supports Unicode.

With this applicationIt is possible to export data to source code of several programming languages, such as C, Java, Pascal, etc. You can also export to plain text or to HTM format.

The use of HxD is very simple, but it is necessary to be clear for what it is going to be used and runs under the responsibility of the user the end that is wanted to give.

HxD is the latest version, available for Windows, in Spanish, and free.

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