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Download Google Translate Client

Download Google Translate Client

Google Translate Client is a program that allows access to service translations of Google (Google Translate) from any application, avoiding having to copy the text, open the browser, go to page, select the language and paste.

When the program is executed, it leaves an icon in the toolbar that should be clicked each time the service is to be used. Then the text to be translated, either within an email, a Word or PDF document, a web page, etc., is selected and clicked on a gray G button that appears at the end of the selection. Google Translate Client detects the language of the text, and translates it to the language chosen by default, for example, Spanish.

The application also allows you to enter text directly and translate it. It supports the translation instantly, while writing or modifying the text, as in the web version.

Google's translation service supports more and more languages, reaching about 50 at the moment. It has been improving and acceptable translations can be obtained, at least to understand the general meaning, without pretending to be a hundred percent faithful translation, something impossible to achieve.

Client for Google Translate 6 (6.0.612) is the latest version (updated November 2011) of this program to do translations, which can be downloaded for free. Works with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

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