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Download gBrainy for free, version 2.06

Download gBrainy for free, version 2.06
GBrainy is a program used to exercise the mind. It consists of several types of games to perform calculations, train memory, and test logic. It has math exercises, algebra exercises, puzzles, and memory games.

This game is recommended to improve mental agility, and can be useful to people who are going to perform a psycho-technical test, since the type of exercises could be similar.

It has a very intuitive interface, and attractive. There are different levels that contemplate several types of users: children, adults who want to exercise the mind, or simply for those who want to have fun playing. At the same time, you can choose between an easy, medium or advanced level.

In the latest version has been added a type of exercise called "Verbal Analogies", which consists of multiple choice questions. Questions can be customized and expanded by using an editable XML file.

GBrainy offers statistics that allow us to know in a graphical way the evolution of users, and to know how they have been varying the scores obtained in the different tests carried out.

GBrainy 2.06 is the latest version (updated November 2011) of this software from which we offer the download for Windows. On the author's page there is also a version for the platform used by the computers of the One Laptop Per Child program, in addition to several Linux distributions. It's free.

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