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Download Enigeo 4.0.1

Download Enigeo 4.0.1

Enigeo is a program that allows you to learn geography through exercises and trivias, but which in turn gives you the possibility to play and have fun.

With Enigeo it is possible to learn the location of the countries, their capitals, their flags, their populations, their national anthems, and other information; Either exploring the map, or participating in tests and trivias that help to know more about political geography.

There are several types of tests; Some require mapping a particular country, or indicate which country is indicated on the map, or locate in which part of the country your capital is located, and so on.

The tests can be customized, with the possibility of adding new questions. These questions can be focused on a specific region or continent.

Enigeo allows you to keep scores and follow participant statistics to measure your progress in learning.

Enigeo 4.0.1 is the latest version, updated in October 2011, of this software to learn geography that can be downloaded for free. Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7; And is available in Spanish.

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