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Download CurrPorts 1.96 free

Download CurrPorts 1.96 free
CurrPorts is a program with which it is possible to know all kinds of information related to the ports that are open in the PC. Lists both TCP / IP and UDP ports.

For each open port it reports the name of the process, the process path, the program that uses it, the date and time it was created, and many more data. You can monitor any port you specify and analyze incoming packets.

CurrPorts allows you to close any ports that are open, especially the suspicious ones, that the same program highlights in red when it is an application that is not identified. Performing this analysis may be important for system security, as viruses, spyware or Trojans may be found.

This tool allows you to generate complete reports with the information obtained, and save it as HTML, XML, CSV, or plain text.

CurrPorts 1.96 is the latest version (updated in October 2011) of this software, which can be downloaded free for all versions of Windows.

To translate into Spanish you must download the following file and save it to the CurrPorts installation folder.

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