Sunday, 9 July 2017

Download ContactKeeper agenda free

Download ContactKeeper agenda free

ContactKeeper is a program that allows you to organize your personal contacts information. It supports varied information such as: address, telephones, emails, birthday date, and much more.

This virtual calendar stores the data of contacts in a database, and has several types of filters to apply in searches, and thus quickly access the requested information.

The interface is simple, the program easy to use, and also has an interesting functionality that is to generate a calendar in which all the birthdays of the contacts appear, and in addition Contact Keeper offers the possibility to remember the dates through an alert Which can be scheduled for the day or days prior to a birthday.

In this new version it is possible to import the data to the CSV format, so that they can be opened and edited with other programs of type agenda, or even with spreadsheets of the Excel type.

ContactKeeper 1.5.0 is the latest version (updated November 2011) of this software, which is free, and is available in several languages, including Spanish.

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