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Download Chops
Chops is a program that allows you to build the traditional annotations that are made into a small piece of paper, with a font size as small as possible, and with the intention of copying in tests or exams. The same are known precisely with the name of chops in Spain, and known in other parts with other names like: trencitos, torpedos or chanchullos.

The application allows you to design, edit and print the chop, on both sides of the sheet. Compress the text trying to take advantage of the maximum possible space, of course, as long as it is readable.

It allows to insert mathematical formulas, superscripts, subscripts, and several symbols that may be necessary to include in the text, mainly thinking about tests of physics or mathematics.

The program is very complete, and facilitates the task of making chops and printing them. From here we recommend to study, not copy, but if in an extreme case it is necessary to do so, this program is very good.

The application allows access to an extensive data base with documents corresponding to various topics of study, which can be useful, either to learn or to integrate them into the tool.

Chops 6.1 is the latest version, updated in August 2011, of this software to make chops or to make trencitos, that works for Windows and that can be downloaded for free.

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