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Yenka is an educational program that allows you to simulate interactive virtual laboratories, which allow you to model scientific experiments in several areas: physics, chemistry, mathematics, electronics, computer science.

The application is divided into 4 modules: Mathematics, Science, Technology and Computing.

The module corresponding to mathematics allows the study of several areas: statistics, probability, three-dimensional geometric bodies, and coordinates.

The science module, Yenka Science, allows you to investigate and learn in a fun way, through various types of scientific experiments:
  • Physics: Physics experiments, in which a set of parameters related to the applied forces on an object are varied, to study their movement.
  • Electricity: experiments with electrical circuits, with the possibility of observing various phenomena, for example, how the electric resistance varies according to the length and thickness of the conductors.
  • Chemistry: Experiments that consist of combining different chemical elements to observe the reactions produced.
  • Light and sound: Various experiments related to waves and their propagation; And experiments related to optics : reflection, refraction, diffraction, and so on. Sound is also studied.
  • Electrochemistry: Experiments that consist of investigating electrolysis, electroplating and cells, with the possibility of combining electrodes and electrolytes.

A series of videos are available with examples of how some of the above experiments are performed.

Yenka offers a fun and enjoyable way to learn computing, through an animation involving characters. The student is introduced to basic concepts of any programming language, such as variables, functions, loops, iterations, and so on.

Yenka 3.4.1 is the latest version 2012, which is available for Windows, Max OS X and Linux. After installing this application it is possible to register to obtain a free license for both students and teachers, as long as it is used in the home. To use in schools or for any commercial purpose it is necessary to purchase a product license.

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