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WPanorama is a program that allows you to view panoramic photos, with the possibility of scrolling through them, covering 360 degrees.

You can zoom in on the image, and scroll both vertically and horizontally by dragging the image with the mouse pointer. It has support for multiple monitors connected to the PC.

Another important feature of this program is to create videos from the scrolling over the panoramic photo, and you can add background music to that animation. It is also possible to create a screensaver for the PC.

With WPanorama it is not possible to create panoramic photos, but in case of creating them with another program, or to download them from the Internet, this application is an excellent panoramic viewer, superior with respect to other programs to see common images, in which it will not be possible Appreciate in detail the panoramic images.

In the official page there are several sample photos to download, which serve to test the quality of this tool.

WPanorama 10.0.1 is the latest version (updated July 2012) of this software that you can download free to install in Windows.

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