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Download WinMend Folder Hidden

Download WinMend Folder Hidden
WinMend Folder Hidden is a program that allows you to hide folders and files, fundamentally so that other people can not access them, thus protecting private documents, personal photos, etc. It works for folders or partitions on hard drives and also on portable storage devices such as USB or USB drives.

Unlike Folder hiding in Windows "Folder Options": "Do not show files, folders or hidden drives", Folder Hidden allows you to set a password so that it can be accessed only if it is entered. Once it is entered you have the list of protected elements and unchecking some will become visible again.

The application has no restrictions on the size of the files to protect and, in any case, the process of hiding or re-viewing is immediate. It also has no restrictions on the amount of items to hide.

In the case that another operating system is installed on the disk drive containing the protected folders , it will not be accessed from the same folder. Nor can it be accessed through a Live CD with any Linux distribution.

WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.9 is the latest version (updated in September 2012), which is available for Windows, and you can download free. It is translated into Spanish.

File Size: 2.22 MB.

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