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Download WebcamXP free

Download WebcamXP free

WebcamXP is a program that lets you share a webcam with others, being easy to use as it has an integrated web server, and can configure a few parameters. It also serves to remotely monitor a particular area, for example: a house or a trade

It supports the following devices: usb webcams, tv, windows media streams (ASF), and local videos, supporting most formats available, such as AVI, WMV, MP4 and MOV among others, therefore, it will be possible to transmit both live A webcam, as well as a video, so that other people can see them remotely.

This new version has a much simpler interface, but retaining all the functionality of the previous version. A help manual for WebcamXP is available.

WebcamXP 5.5 ( is the latest version, released in March 2012, which is available for Windows Vista, XP and 2003, and Windows 7. It is free for private use.

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