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Download Tunatic

Download Tunatic
Tunatic is a program capable of identifying songs, either stored on the PC, transmitted by an online radio, or through a microphone to capture external sounds from TV, radio, or from any other source.

On occasions when you listen to the music of a movie, or the musical curtain of a television program, and you want to know what song it is, Tutanic is ideal. Once the application recognizes the song, it displays the name of the song and the artist.

In order for it to work, you need to be connected to the internet as it communicates with a database. The base is updated periodically, which is why it may not find the newest songs until there is a new update, but overall the percentage of songs successfully identified is quite high.

Tutanic is able to recognize songs belonging to any musical genre, with the exception of classical music. It is noteworthy that it only recognizes the original songs, and does not recognize if it is hummed or if a melody is sung.

To use Tutanic without a microphone, the following steps must be followed: Access the Windows Control Panel, then enter the Sound option, then select the Record tab; In the list that is displayed there must be positioned in "Stereo Mix", right click and activate. In the Tutanic configuration panel, in the Input Device section, you must choose the Stereo Mix option.

The application is very easy. At the beginning it shows a small window with the following text: "Tutanic Ready. Click to identify song ", and clicking on it begins the process of identifying the song. Before you begin, it is possible to change the settings of the application by right clicking on the image and selecting "Settings". In case of connecting correctly with the server, and to successfully identify the music being listened to, it will show the name and the artist.

Tunatic 1.0.1 b is the last version, which works with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Also with Mac OS X 10.2 (or higher).

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