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Download TimeLeft

Download TimeLeft
TimeLeft is a program that acts as an alarm to schedule and remember events, in addition to having countdown clocks, and timers, which can be placed on the desktop.

TimeLeft has a tool to remember events or to execute certain action at a certain time. It can be used to remember birthdays, a payment date, an appointment, the time remaining to comply with working hours, etc., but it can also be programmed to run an application, play a song, turn off the monitor or PC, etc.

The alarm function can be programmed to run repeatedly from time to time, and even certain rules can be added. For example you can schedule the taking of a medication every x amount of hours for x number of days with day rest intervals.

Alarms can be combined with a countdown clock that shows the remaining hours and minutes for a particular event. You can associate a clock to each of the scheduled events, and customize to taste (color, size, font, transparency level, etc.) each of them, besides placing them anywhere on the desktop to consult at any time or Always leave them visible (in transparent mode).

TimeLeft lets you add notes (sticks) to the desktop, also customizable.

TimeLeft 3.61 is the latest version, updated in October 2012, of its Free edition, while there is a Deluxe version with more features. Works for all versions of Windows.

To have this application in Spanish you must right click on the icon that resides in the toolbar and select Help - Language - Spanish.

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