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Download Super Mario 3 free

Download Super Mario 3 free
Super Mario 3 (Editable Version) is an adaptation for PC of the classic game of Nintendo, with some variants with respect to the original one.

The novelty of this application is that it allows to edit and create new levels, giving the possibility of having fun not only playing, but also, designing the scenarios where the game action takes place.

It includes various scenarios, such as aquatic levels, Bowser's ship levels, Quicksand, mushroom houses, and more.

The game comes with a help for beginners and many tricks and shortcuts, which will then have to be left aside as you go playing and gaining experience.

Super Mario 3 Beta 9.2 is the latest version available, which can be downloaded for free. This version of the game brings 8 new worlds, with editable levels.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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