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Download Subsonic 4.7

Download Subsonic 4.7
Subsonic is a program that allows by streaming to listen to the collection of personal music remotely, through a network (either the Internet or an intranet).

It allows to organize the music files in formats like MP3, grouping by artist, musical genre, or some other type of filter; With a very friendly web interface, and also with some extras, such as: the possibility to search, download and display the covers of the discs automatically.

In addition to the covers, Subsonic is responsible for downloading lyrics, and varied and useful information from artists and songs, from sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, Disocgs, MetroLyrics, Google Music, among others.

This tool allows you to organize all the personal discography in one place, for example the home computer, but to access it, and listen to it in other places such as work, or from other places in the house, or give access to other people to Listen to any song from that collection from anywhere. It would be like setting up your own radio, and you can also see who is connecting and what song you are listening to.

Bandwidth can be a problem, but in those cases, Subsonic is responsible for making a resample of the music to adapt the streaming to conditions of low transferability.

Instructions for remote access to the server where the songs are stored can be found in the following manual, which is available on the official Subsonic website.

Subsonic 4.7 is the latest version, updated in March 2012, of this software that is multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux-Fedora, Linux-Debian), which is offered for free (GPL) in Spanish. There are also versions for Android and iPhone, which allow to listen on the mobile phone music stored on the PC or Mac.

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