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Download Speak A Message free

Download Speak A Message free

Speak-A-Message is a program that allows you to send voice messages by mail. Microphone on, the message is recorded, and once finished, the program creates an email with the recording as an attachment in WMA format.

The application compresses the audio so that it does not occupy much space the file, and it achieves that a message of about 10 minutes hardly occupies a little more than 1 MB in size.

The output format is compatible with most players, so the recipient of the email can open it and listen to it without problems.

The program opens the mail client that is used by default, either Outlook Express, MS Outlook or any other.

Speak A Message 7.9.0 is the latest version, released in November 2012, of this software, which offers a version for Windows XP, another version for Windows Vista, 7 or 8; And another that installs as a gadget for Windows 8, 7 or Vista. It's free.

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