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Download SpaceSniffer

Download SpaceSniffer
SpaceSniffer is a program that graphically displays the distribution of files and folders on the hard disk. You can see how a disk is segmented, and analyze if a defragmentation of it is necessary, for a better performance and greater speed of access to the programs and files.

A first analysis shows the distribution of the directories and can be accessed recursively to the same looking at the structure inside.

It can be filtered to parse according to parameters such as time, for example, which shows files larger than a given date. Also by size. This tool is useful in cases where the disk is almost full, to know which folders occupy larger size, and to see if there are files that are not usually accessed and to eliminate them.

You can also filter by type of file, for example MP3, to know how the music collection is distributed, and if there are repeated discographies or that you do not want to keep.

SpaceSniffer is the latest version (updated in March 2012) of this utility that you can download free . This new version fixes some bugs of the version.

Works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

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