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Download SonicStage

Download SonicStage
SonicStage is a program used to play audio and synchronize music between some Sony branded devices and the PC, with a simple and friendly interface. It is similar in terms of its functions to what it represents iTunes for Apple devices.

Some of the supported devices are: Hi-MD WALKMAN, Net MD WALKMAN, Network WALKMAN,ATRAC CD WALKMAN, ATRAC CD Personal Audio System, Micro System, and some earlier models that were compatible with Connectplayer.

SonicStage lets you rip music CDs, organize the music collection, create playlists of songs and synchronize them between the PC and the Walkman, as well as other options.

Supports several audio formats, in addition to Mp3 and AAC, and allows you to convert songs to ATRAC format (capable of storing about 500 songs on a CD), and transfer songs to Hi-MD device, Net MD and Memory Stick MG Other devices and portable players or PSP.

SonicStage 4.3 is the latest version of this Sony Walkman audio software that can be downloaded for free. Works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

IMPORTANT: It is announced by Sony that this product has been discontinued since March 2013. Those who have it installed will be able to continue using it but will not be published any more.

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