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Download Social Plus

Download Social Plus
Social Plus is an extension for browsers Firefox, Internt Explorer and Google Chrome, which allows you to customize and add new features to Facebook, the popular social network that has millions of users.

This application allows you to change some values ​​related to the text format, in comments and status updates, such as font, size, colors, and so on. It also allows you to add emoticons to appear in messages; The classic faces that are used to Messenger users.

Social Plus adds an option called "I do not like" to mark those items that do not conform, as opposed to the "Like" button. Contact entries can be scored using a rating system, which consists of adding a certain number of stars to them.

It is possible to change the design of Facebook through the use of new skins that change the visual aspect of the site, having about 500 variants. It is possible to select certain sections so that they do not appear.

As in MSN, the possibility of sending buzzes from the chat window is added. In addition, the chat window can be moved and placed anywhere on the page.

With respect to the traditional image gallery provided by Facebook, Social Plus adds the possibility of viewing photo albums as slideshows, with the advantage that the photos are changing automatically, without having to click on the dates of navigation.

In the following video tutorial you can learn more features offered by this tool, and see how Facebook looks with the change of look that you can apply.

Social Plus! 2.6.4 is the latest version, updated in May 2012, of this add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, which can be downloaded for free.

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