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Download Simutrans

Download Simutrans
Simutrans is a game that consists of managing a city, having the capacity to make the best economic and management decisions tending to the good development and operation of the community. The game is similar to SimCity.

The main objective is to manage the city, but a key area in the functioning of the economy is transportation . Making good decisions and properly managing transport will have an impact on the success of the city's mayoral administration.

Transportation involves the communication, the transfer of passengers, the mail, and the sending of materials between different points of the city. For that it is necessary to construct roads, terminals, to acquire suitable means of transport, etc. It is important in this activity to take care of the environment.

Obviously, in the activities described, it is necessary to estimate costs, minimize travel, and be a good administrator in general so as not to end up in bankruptcy.

Simutrans is a very fun game with well-executed graphics and it requires some dedication and learning at the beginning as it is not too intuitive. Manuals and tutorials are available on the official site.

Simutrans 111.2.2 is the latest version (updated in March 2012) of this game that is available for Windows, Linux, BeOS and MAC OS X, and which can be downloaded and played for free .

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