Friday, 2 June 2017

Download ShowMyPC 3150

Download ShowMyPC 3150
ShowMyPC is a program that allows to give remote access to other people to see what we do on our desktop and also to take control of the PC. It uses technology called VNC and the connection and transmission of data is done safely, using SSH.

The application does not require installation, it simply runs, both from the PC whose desktop it wants to share, and from the PC that will be accessed remotely. From the first one is generated a random key (pressing the "Show my PC now" button) that must be passed to the remote user to enter it (after pressing the "View a remote PC" button), and if validated Password is already authorized access. It is not necessary to find out or enter the IP of the equipment to be controlled.

This application can be useful to assist and provide technical support remotely, either to install a program, change settings, troubleshoot, etc. Because it is a simple program it is ideal for people with little experience in computing.

There is a premium service that can be purchased, which allows multi-user videoconferences, chat, electronic whiteboard, webcam, and more. From the free application you can hire the service.

ShowMyPC 3150 is the latest version (updated July 2012) of this VNC remote assistance software that can be downloaded for free for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

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