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Download Safari

Download Safari

Safari is the Apple browser, which now adds a PC version (Windows) to the traditional version for Mac OS X.

Safari is a fast, colorful and secure browser. As far as security is concerned, it keeps the application isolated, through a sandboxing system, to prevent some kind of malicious script from accessing the rest of the system.

Safari offers many of the functions available in other browsers that we have already presented, such as Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, which we will list:

  • Bookmark Manager, called "Reading List", allows you to add pages that can be easily accessed later. In turn, Safari generates an automatic gallery with the thumbnails of the pages that have been visited the most times by the user.
  • Safari maintains a history of visits that allows you to search when you want to locate one of the sites you browsed previously. Entering text in the browser bar displays a list of sites that contain that text, either in the URL, in the site name, or in the text of the page.
  • The browser adapts to the new web standards, and supports HTML5 and CSS3, correctly displaying the contents, taking advantage of the advantages offered by the pages developed with these new versions of both HTML and CSS.
  • Safari uses the WebKit rendering engine. In addition to rendering web pages, WebKit handles downloading of files and administration of plugins. Other browsers, such as Chrome and some Linux browsers, use this technology developed by Apple.
  • Each time the system shuts down or restarts unexpectedly, Safari remembers the state it was in, and resumes the same windows and tabs that were open at the time of the mishap.
  • It supports extensions, which add new functions. From the browser menu you can access the gallery of available extensions.
  • It has a spell checker that acts when entering text in forms, and which, in addition to Spanish, supports about 15 languages ​​in total.
  • Support for multi-touch screens on Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone), with the possibility to enlarge or reduce the size of a web page, in addition to navigating using your fingers.
  • It allows to select the mode of " private browsing ", which tells the browser to stop performing some of the following actions: save cookies, save data entered in forms, remember sites visited, and so on.Private Navigation

The list of functions is very wide, which confirms the great versatility with which this recommended web browser, which in turn combines with simplicity and good taste.

Safari users can access the free storage service provided by iCloud, which is responsible for saving files and content automatically, so that they can be available from different devices that are used (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC) and keep them synchronized between them.

Safari 5.1.7 is the latest version, updated in May 2012, available for Windows and Mac OS X. It can be downloaded and used free on PC, MAc, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


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