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Download MOBILedit 6.1

Download MOBILedit 6.1
MOBILedit is a program that allows you to manage and synchronize a cellular mobile phone from a PC. It can be connected via USB, IrDA (infrared) or Bluetooth cable.

Among the possible functions we highlight the possibility of backing up all stored information, such as the address book, and then import it from other mobiles; Also the possibility to send sms or mms more comfortably from the PC, or receive messages to it, as if it were an email and respond using this program.

In addition, with MOBILedit you can make transfers of all types of files, such as photos, videos and songs. It is also possible to convert files to be compatible with the model of mobile you have, and thus create ringtones or wallpapers to easily enter the cell phone.

Another interesting feature that can be very useful is the ability to install applications on the phone from the PC through the corresponding tool. It is possible to install apk programs on the Android phone.

It has a new technology called mBoox, and also a tool called "The Shopping List".

Support most brands and models available in the market (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc.), and in this latest version has incorporated iPhone, iPod and iPad in addition to Android-based phones.

MOBILedit 6.1 ( is the latest version, updated in April 2012, which is a demo version with a 30-day usage limitation. After that period, if the program persuades and you want to continue using it, you can buy a license.

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