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Download LogMeIn free version 4.1.2138

Download LogMeIn free version 4.1.2138

LogMeIn is a program that allows remote control of another computer, from the browser. Very useful for various situations, for example: to control the home PC from work or to help install an application to a client or friend, or some other type of remote technical support.

LogMeIn must be installed on the computer to which it is to be accessed, and is remotely accessed by logging in from the browser, then controlling the keyboard and mouse. The Free edition offers a basic remote control , but it can be enough to solve various problems, because it allows you to run programs, open files on the other PC, check e-mail, run diagnostic tools or an antivirus to find problems and solve them.

The Pro version allows for more advanced functions, either to manage and transfer files, write on a whiteboard, listen to sound and music, print documents, and include other useful tools.

LogMeIn does not require very complicated configurations, and has the advantage that it can still be used under routers or antivirus without having to configure ports.

This application is safe and works for both Interner Explorer and Firefox or Chrome. LogMeIn 4.1.2138 is the latest version of this PC remote control software that you can download and install for free.

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