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Download Kat MP3 Recorder

Download Kat MP3 Recorder
Kat MP3 Recorder is a program that allows to record audio in the PC, from any application, for example: an audio player emitting an online radio; Or from any peripherals connected to the PC, for example: the microphone, to record a conversation an interview, a karaoke or any external sound.

The application allows you to record from a TV tuner, or capture only the audio of a DVD or CD to record it, or capture the sound of a game or any webpage, among other possible sources.

Kat supports several audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, VOX, AIFF and AU, among others.

An interesting function is the ability to program the recording for a certain time interval. It allows you to configure several parameters: the recording volume, number of channels, format, output file type, and something very useful as is the action to take in moments of silence, where you can choose to stop recording, keep it or Pause to continue recording when a sound is detected.

Kat MP3 Recorder 3.7 is the latest version (July 2012) of this voice and sound recording software that you can free download. It is available for Windows in all its versions, including Windows 8.

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