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Download InternetTV 8.1 free

Download InternetTV 8.1 free

InternetTV is a program that allows you to tune in to television channels around the world, about 5000 channels, much more than can be obtained through any cable or satellite system.

The different TV stations that can be seen with this program are free, that is to say it is not necessary to pay any type of fee or subscription, being totally free. The only requirement is a PC or Laptop, without the need for any additional hardware, and obviously an internet connection with a good bandwidth.

The channel list is categorized into various themes such as sports, series, news, cartoons and other categories. The number of countries with at least one channel is approximately 120, and can be found in several languages, such as English, Spanish , Italian, French and many more.

The application allows you to filter searches by country, theme, rating, favorite channels and other citerios.

InternetTV 8.1 is the latest version (updated in February 2012) of this software to watch TV that can be downloaded for free. Works with all versions of the Windows operating system.

The application is lightweight and uses few resources. The size of the executable file is only 726 KB.

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