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Download HelpNDoc

Download HelpNDoc
HelpNDoc is a program whose function is to create and organize help documents that can serve as manuals or tutorials of software or as instructive, or to generate some other type of documentation.

The advantage of this application is that, in addition to creating a suitable structure of the contents entered and their corresponding table of contents and glossary, it allows exporting to various formats, such as HTML (to add to a website), PDF document, CHM help file and also supports Microsoft Word . Supports images and in the case of HTML it is possible to include videos or some code to add.

HelpNDoc includes a complete text editor, so it is not necessary to use an external one, and the fact that both the editor and the design tools of the structure are integrated allows you to see at any moment how the document is going. It is also possible to edit documents previously created with Word or other office applications.

Once the document is finished, HelpNDoc is responsible for generating the output according to the specified format, automatically. In the case of generating a PDF, it is possible to configure several aspects, such as the protection or encryption of the file. The complete documentation can be seen on the official website, which also serves as an example since it was generated with this tool itself.

HelpNDoc can be integrated with online spell checkers, such as

Its latest version, HelpNDoc 3.6 (Personal Edition), can be used free for non-commercial use. There is a Pro version with more features, which can be purchased from the official site. The free version adds in the foot of each page the name of the tool.

Requirements : 
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. 
In case you want to generate CHM files, to compile them you need to have the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

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