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Download Garmin Voice Studio

Download Garmin Voice Studio Garmin Voice Studio is a program that allows you to customize the voice of Garmin, the GPS navigation device. It is likely that the voices in Spanish that come with the device, are not always to the user's liking, mainly if the accent corresponds to another country or region.

With Garmin Voice Studio you can record any voice on the PC and then go to the device, for example to be guided by the voice of a relative or the voice itself while driving the car or taxi through the streets of the city.

To record the locutions requires a microphone, and the patience to read the almost 100 words that will then put together the necessary phrases to guide you in handling. Once the locutions are finished, press the " Send to GPS " option, previously connecting the GPS to the PC via USB cable.

Garmin Voice Studio 2.40 is the latest Windows version, updated in June 2012, of this original Garmin voice changer application. It's free.

Obviously, it requires a Garmin GPS device, or a Garmin application installed on a mobile phone to make sense of this program.

It is compatible with the following models: 
aera series, GPSMAP 620 and 640, nuvi 200-series, nuvi 205-series, nuvi 500-series, nuvi 700-series, nuvi 705- Nuvi 1300-series, nuvi 1400-series, nuvi 1600-series, nuvi 5000 and juice 660.

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