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Download Free Screen Capturer

Download Free Screen Capturer

Screen Capturer is a program that allows you to make screenshots similar to the Windows option (with the "PrtScr" key), but with the advantage of having more options, such as the ability to capture a specific region, or capture a Window, or do it with the full screen. You can capture individual images or a sequence of images to create an animation.

The captured captures are stored in the clipboard for copying in graphic editing applications, or you have the option to save them to disk (in several formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or TIFF), send them by e-mail, or print them; Easily, from the same application.

In addition to making screenshots and saving them in images, the application is capable of recording videos from the activity performed on screen, in AVI or WMP formats. This function is ideal for creating tutorials or demonstrations accompanied by audio.

You have the option of defining shortcuts with certain key combinations to simplify certain types of captures. To access the application interface, press the PrtScr key.

This application can be useful in cases where it is necessary to capture the failure of an application to send as an error report, or capture a certain moment during a game, or to capture an image during a Skype session, in addition to several more cases In which it can be applied.

Free Screen Capturer is free of spyware or adware and can be downloaded for free , being available for all versions of Windows. The latest version is, updated in May 2012.

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