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Download Folder Protector 5.73 free

Download Folder Protector 5.73 free

Folder Protection allows to create passwords to give access to folders, and thus block access to third parties, preserving files that do not want to be shared, mainly when using shared computers.

In addition to using this application for privacy reasons, it is also a good solution to prevent them from mistakenly deleting a particular folder. The same is blocked and inaccessible, therefore, can not be accessed, deleted or moved. Also for security reasons, since it avoids writing in that folder and thus is protected from viruses, spyware, malware, or the like.

This program creates passwords not only for folders stored on the hard disk, but also on external drives, such as flash memory or flash drives.

The way to do it is very simple, just select a directory from the Windows Explorer, enter 2 times the password, and it will be protected. Obviously, it can only be entered if the corresponding password is entered.

Folder Protector 5.73 is the latest version (updated in December 2011) of this software that can be downloaded for free. From this version are limited some features that become available in the paid version, but the free trial reaches for the purpose commented.

Works with Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98.

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