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Download Fiddler

Download Fiddler
Fiddler is a program that allows to visualize and to analyze the requests http and https initiated from the navigator, to control the traffic; And for web developers it is a useful tool for testing scripts, Ajax calls, and so on.

The application contains two windows: one in which you can see all the requests; And another window to the right where you can see the details, such as the header and other information of each request and its corresponding response from the server.

A useful option for developers and web developers is to simulate different speeds of internet connection, and know how long it takes to load a page for each one. It also allows you to debug javascript code, setting breakpoints to test and correct errors.

In DownloadSoft we had presented a similar application called Firebug that is integrated with Firefox, whereas Fiddler can be used with any browser, like Internet Explorer, Opera, et.

Fiddler can be improved by adding some extensions available on the official site , for example, a so-called JavaScript Formatter that serves to format the code of a javascript file to make it more verbose and readable.

Fiddler is the latest version available, updated in May 2012. It works for Windows and can be downloaded for free. Requires .NET Framework 2.0.

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