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Download FBChrome (Facebook for Chrome)

Download FBChrome (Facebook for Chrome)
FBChrome is an extension for Google Chrom, which aims to achieve a better interaction between the browser and the social network Facebook, offering the user a more comfortable interface, and additional features that are very interesting.

This extension allows you to perform the usual operations carried out by Facebook users: read comments, write comments, apply "Like", update status, and so on.

The application includes a system of notifications, which alert the user whenever a friend writes or comments on his wall, or when they click on a "I like", or when invitations are received by other users. Each time one of these cases occurs, a small popup appears at the bottom of the screen, which contains the corresponding message. The advantage of this is that it is always updated, even while browsing other sites, or while using an application, without having to be on the Facebook page.

Facebook! (The name with which this extension is published on the Google Chrome site) includes two very useful tools: a calendar, and a photo and album organizer. The first allows scheduling events, and scheduling reminder alarms, whether meetings, birthdays, etcetera; While the other application allows you to organize the collection of photos you have on your PC. In turn, both applications can be linked to the social network, either for events or for photo galleries.

Facebook! 1.1 is the latest version of the plug-in, which can be installed for free.

It is guaranteed by the author, that the application does not collect any personal data of the user.

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