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Download eMule MorphXT

Download eMule MorphXT

eMule MorphXT is a program known as mods of eMule, which are programs from the original source code, add and modify other functions, in order to improve various aspects of the popular P2P program. As a result you get a new program independent of the original, so you do not need to run eMule to test eMule MorphXT.

Among the improvements that have this mod we highlight:
  • Anti-Leecher System whose purpose is that those users who do not share their files have low or zero priority to download our files.
  • "Upload Speed ​​Sense" system that sets the optimum speed of uploads.
  • "Inifinite Queue" system that removes the queue size cap for waiting files.
  • System "PowerShare" that establishes a system of priorities to favor those files that were less shared.
  • Anti -credit security system.

To the above is added all the good that already has the original program, which for some reason has been one of the favorites to share all kinds of files.

EMule MorphXT 12.7 is the latest version, updated in August 2012, of this eMule modification that can be downloaded for free. This version is updated to the last eMule 0.50 (which is included in the installer) and corrects some errors of the previous edition.

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