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Download Easy Photo Effects

Download Easy Photo Effects
Easy Photo Effects is an application that allows you to add effects to your personal photos, through a clean interface, and in a simple way.

Available effects give an artistic or ancient touch to photographs, achieving a sepia tone (vintage effect), or saturating colors to simulate a film or slide. It is also possible to convert grayscale images (black and white).

Other effects: Topaz, Analog, Border (add a frame or photos), Grid (superimpose a grid of colors to the photos), Tilt Shift, resize photos, and so on. A description of each of these effects, illustrated with an example of photos (before and after each effect), can be consulted on the official website of this photo editor.

The use is very simple; You must open any photo, and there is a set of buttons, each corresponding to some of the effects that can be applied.

With Easy Photo Effects it is possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of the photos, with the aim of correcting and improving their quality. You can easily test and adjust the values ​​by moving a slider, while instantly seeing the changes taking the picture.

There are a few tutorials to play and apply changes to the images. The highlight of the application is its ease of use, and therefore is aimed at users without knowledge or experience in professional software (as in the case of Photoshop or The Gimp). There are other programs similar to this, which we have already presented: Tintii Photo Filter, vReveal or Pola (Polaroid effect), with which similar results can be achieved.

Easy Photo Effects 2.1 is the last update (February 2012), which can be downloaded and used free of charge; And works for all versions of Windows. It weighs only 186 KB and requires very few memory and CPU resources.

This version improves the algorithm that achieves the sepia effect, and is translated into several languages ​​(including Spanish). It also adds a button to undo actions.

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