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Download CloneSpy 2.63 free

Download CloneSpy 2.63 free
CloneSpy is a program that detects duplicate files and gives you the option to remove any of them if they are repeated. This is very useful for freeing disk space, since the same file is often downloaded more than once, or unnecessary backups are left.

Clone Spy compares the files by name, date and time, to make sure they are the same, but also detects files that have the same name and similar size, and therefore may be an older version that no longer interests to save. It also finds empty files (0 bytes in size) that are unnecessary and candidates to delete.

You have the option of deleting automatically detected files during scanning, or moving them to a temporary folder, so that, after the disk has finished scanning, the user decides what to do with each of those repeated files. There is a third option, for NTFS file systems, that is to replace the repeated files with a link or direct access to the originals.

The application offers the option of scanning the entire disk, or scanning certain folders, or filtering certain files (by name or by extension) to narrow the search to certain specific files, for example a common case may be the intention by the user To detect dento duplicates of your music collection in MP3.

CloneSpy 2.63 is the latest version (updated April 2012) of this software for Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT) that can be obtained for free.

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