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Download BlueSoleil

Download BlueSoleil
BlueSoleil is a program that allows you to access and connect to any device that has Bluetooth and manage them from the same interface.

With this application it is possible to exchange files from a mobile phone to the PC and vice versa, make calls or send SMS from the PC, support data (contacts, messages, etc.), synchronize a PDA and other useful functions. It supports several mobile platforms and several brands of cell phones.

In addition to the devices mentioned, it recognizes digital cameras, printers, wireless headsets, joysticks, etc. That have bluetooth. Obviously you need a Bluetooth connection device on the PC, which modern laptops already have, but not all desktop PCs, which must be installed one in order to use this application.

In version 8 are added two new functionalities that allow to manage the contacts and the SMS of the mobile device, from this application. In addition, it takes advantage of the new technology Bluetooth 3.0, which increases the speed of transfer.

BlueSoleil 8.0 (8.0.395) is the latest version, updated in July 2012, of this software that you can download free. This free version is limited in the size of the files that can be transferred, which is 5MB, but there is an unlimited version of payment. It is available in Spanish.

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